What is nature deep & benefits of nature deep in various crops

What is Nature Deep?

Sumitomo Chemical Naturedeep improves root growth in field crops and the development of white root in fruits and vegetable crops. This improves the nutrient and fertilizer uptake from soil and greatly enhances crop yield. Naturedeep is also used in the seed treatment of various crop seeds.

Naturedeep has been developed in an American lab after several years of research. The percentage of Mycorrhizae in Naturedeep is much higher as compared to locally made mycorrhizae products, and that’s why Naturedeep gives a much higher yield as compared to other mycorrhizae-based products. Naturedeep is Endo Mycorrhizae, which means it is completely organic in nature. It’s a promising high-quality product with sure benefits.

Benefits of Naturedeep in various crops

Nature deep develops a mutual relationship with the plant root system, Mycorrhizae provides water and nutrition to the root. The maximum length of root hair is a few mm, but mycorrhizae applied root hair length may grow up to 20 – 25 CM, by this water and nutrition absorption rate increases in the plant root system.

So, the plant can survive even in drought conditions, for some days, and farmers can get more than expected yields in their crop.

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Remember – “All is well, when root is well”

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