Nature Deep in Potato – Economic Importance of Potato Crop

What is Nature Deep :

Nature Deep is unique Mycorrhiza based product comprised of multiple species of Arbusicular’ mycorrhizal fungi (AMF), selected to enhance plant productivity and soil health. Mycorrhizal fungi form symbiotic relationships with an estimated 85% of all plant species and promote such benefits as root mass expansion, improved water acquisition, nutrient uptake efficiency, and improved soil structure. These proven benefits translate to improved abiotic stress mitigation and yield optimization for a wide range of crops.

The term Mycorrhizae (myco – fungus; rhizae – roots) refers to the symbiotic relationship between fungi and plants. This is a relationship in which the fungus colonizes the host plant’s root tissues. The fungi provide the host plant with increased water and nutrient absorption capabilities while the plant supplies the fungi with carbohydrates formed from photosynthesis. Structures that make up Arbusicular mycorrhizal fungi include:

Why Nature Deep is important to crops ?

Nature Deep delivers both in-season (short-term) and multi-season (long-term) benefits to growers. In the short term (for most production systems), early-season applications of Nature Deep expand the active root zone of the plant, improving physiological plant functions for the balance of the crop cycle. In the long term, Nature Deep revitalizes depleted soils by dramatically improving soil structure and stability. AMF produce a sticky glycoprotein called glomalin that binds micro-soil particles into macroparticles, forming strong bonds that result in optimal soil stability and improved water penetration and holding capacity. These benefits combine to support crops by minimizing the negative impacts of heat, drought, and nutrient stress on yield.

How does Nature Deep work?

Nature Deep consists of four select AMF fungi species that colonize the cells of plant roots. These include Glomus intraradices, G. mosseae, G. aggregatum, and G. etunicatum. These fungal species spread through the growth of long, filamentous structures called hyphae – the vegetative structures of fungi. The hyphae grow into plant root cells and extend through the soil, colonizing the root system of the host plant to increase its root absorption area as much as 50x.

Plant Health Benefits of Nature Deep :

  • Root Absorption Area Expansion – The extensive hyphal network MycoApply forms with the plant can dramatically expand the vascular in the root zone.
  • Nutrient Uptake Efficiency – MycoApply helps plants obtain available and unavailable nutrients more efficiently by increasing surface area for nutrient absorption and producing enzymes that release tightly bound nutrients in the soil.
  • Water Acquisition – Mycorrhizal hyphae increase access to, and facilitate storage and transport of, water from the soil to the plant, reaching into tiny pores the plant would not otherwise reach. This access to otherwise unavailable water helps plants improve their heat and drought stress tolerance.

Soil Health Benefits of Nature Deep :

In the mid 1990s it was discovered that mycorrhizal hyphae produce a sticky glycoprotein called glomalin, which binds soil particles into stable aggregates over time. The presence of glomalin forms the basis of strong soil structure, resulting in:

  • Mitigation of Soil Erosion
  • More Efficient Water Penetration
  • Enhanced Water Holding Capacity

Potato Root System :

The potato tuber-root system is developed from a seed Potato. Potatoes produce a fibrous root system. The seed potato grows downward in its seminal roots which absorb and deliver nutrition, and repair the plant.

The seed potato grows upward in its underground stem (main stem) that breaks through the soil to form the plant .Potato is a crop sensitive to nutrient and water stresses as a result of its shallow and sparse root system, with lower soil nutrient or water availability limiting potato plant growth and tuber yield.

Potatoes produce a fibrous root system. Thus potatoes are shallow rooted compared to other crops such as cereals. As a result, potatoes are often unable to exploit nutrients and soil moisture at depth within a soil profile.
Low development of root always results in Less productivity.

Nature Deep Application in Potato :


Method of Application:

  1. Drenching: After Sowing Nature deep can be applied by Drip or hand drenching, Use 200gm Nature Deep in 200 liter of water and apply the solution right after sowing completion. It can be used up to 20 days of sowing.
  2. Seed Treatment : Nature deep can be applied by Seed Treatment method before sowing , Put 200 gm. of Nature deep in 10 Liter of Solution , Apply the solution on 10-12 Quintal of Potato at one side , let it dry then turn the potato other side and again apply the remaining solution , Keep it for 1 hr. and then complete the sowing .
  3. Tuber Spray: After Sowing, Apply Nature deep on Tuber, Take 200 gm. Nature deep in 50 Liter of water and apply the solution on tuber, then cover the tuber with soil.

Benefit of Nature Deep in Potato.

Develop Extended Root Network : Nature Deep help potato plant increase the root network with hyphae development on root . With Extended root , Plant can cover maximum area in soil and take Nutrients and water effectively.


Increase Nutrient Uptake : Nature Deep develops hyphae network on root which help plant to take maximum nutrients and water from soil , The specially developed hyphae network by Nature deep increases the uptake point by 50 fold.

Water Use Efficiency (WUE) : Potato yield majorly depend upon how a plant use water effectively through root network . Nature Deep with its 4 different type of Endo Mycorrhiza species help plant to use water more effectively which help plant for better growth and more yield.


Increases Stolen Length and Number of Tuber per Plant: Nature Deep help plant to increase the length of Stolon’s which help tuber to get maximum area for size development. Also Proper nutrition helps plant develop uniform tuber with more numbers.

Better Fertilizer use efficiency: Nature Deep Increases efficiency of using Phosphate based fertilizer along with all other nutrients. The specially available strain in Nature deep help crop increase the Enzyme activity in the soil which increases access micro-nutrient uptake.


Better Yield, Better prosperity: Nature Deep increases the overall yield significantly with better quality harvest and it also helps for Sustainable agriculture.





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